I believe they exist.  Couldn’t tell you what they actually are, as I can’t say that I believe in a god and therefore don’t believe in a devil.  Angels and demons, not so much.  But, something not of this plane?  Something’s there.  I’ve had experiences all my life, but the latest one was two days ago.  It was ambiguous enough that it absolutely could have been my hair, and I’m aware enough that’s a logical explanation.  However, I’ve seen enough in this house (example: the child standing in the boys’ bedroom when they were both with me) that even though I told myself it was probably my hair,  I promptly left to go to Walmart.  For the longest time, Alan would give me the look that he usually gave me when I recounted something strange that happened.  Then, it got him.  A few times.  Won’t lie, I relished that “I told you so!” moment.  Now, anytime I relay something strange he doesn’t give me “that” look; I get the knowing look.   

That’s all I got about that.   I’ll end with this picture Alan took in the St. Augustine Lighthouse.  It’s the same shot that the show Ghost Hunters filmed when they got a shadow figure peering over the edge.  Even with no ghosts, it’s a damn cool shot.  


Tuesdays put me in a good mood.  Yay lunch-date day!  Today was decent sushi.  A little pricier than it should have been, but not bad.  And since I’m in a good mood, I’ll pretend like you’re in my living room and show you a few vacation pictures.

Oliver giving his normal expression after I've yelled his name for the 4th time.

Oliver giving his normal expression after I’ve yelled his name for the 4th time.

Colin didn't want to watch the scary part of the movie.  He's literally watching through his fingers.  We were still in Texas.

Colin didn’t want to watch the scary part of the movie. He’s literally watching through his fingers. We were still in Texas.

Less than 3 hours later, and not even half way through Louisiana, the kid passed out.

Less than 3 hours later, and not even half way through Louisiana, the kid passed out.

I love tacos.

Seriously.  I could shove my face full of tacos every day and still be happy.  Nom nom nom!  I’m not eating tacos now, though. Now I’m eating leftover this recipe.  It’s seriously delicious.  Yay after workout snack! 

Workouts.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done 3 day splits with sprints after, so I decided to get back on that.  Let me just say: OOOWWWWWWW!!!!  Ridiculously ow.  And slightly humiliating when your shoulders give you the ole “F You!!  You worked us to failure and NOW you want to try to do push-ups?!  Here!  We’ll show you!” and drop me on my face.  At the gym.  That’s awesome.  Thanks, shoulders!  But, I’ve seen the pay off, so whatever.  I’m sure they’ll get over it. 

I’m going to stop talking about my shoulders as if they’re sentient beings now.  That was a little weird. 

The vacation pictures still aren’t done.  And I can’t even blame Alan this time.  I have all the pictures, just have to go through them and put them in order and make an actual thing.  Vacation slides!!  Man, I wish.  One day. 

Here’s other pictures, though.  Last Sunday we met up with friends at the gun range.  It was the boys first time and they REALLY enjoyed it.





From there, we went to the Stars game that Mom got us for Christmas.  They lost, but it was still a fun game.  Even if Colin started asking in the first period if it was over….again….


No, that’s not Oliver’s beer.  At least, not that we’ll ever tell…

Back to it.

Here’s a little gem nugget for you…I’m in my room yesterday, turn around, and Colin is standing in the doorway.

“Can we eat clams?”


“Can we eat clams?”

“Who?  You?  People in general?”

“No!  Can WE eat clams?!” *he’s now starting to look at me like I’m a little slow in the head*

“Right now??”

“NO!!  Can we EAT them?!”

“Technically yes.  Some people do.”

“EWWWW, but they’re seafood!”

“Yes.  Some people like them.  Daddy and I like them in clam chowder.”


“No, clam chowder is good.  It’s soup.”

At this point, he starts making gagging noises, slaps his hand over his mouth and runs away.  Then I hear “Oliver!!  Mommy and Daddy eat clam powder!!  Gross!!!”  Mmmmm, clam powder. 

Today is finally back to normal routine day.  After 18 days of the boys being out of school (not that I counted), I’m so ready.  One is already at his and the other is leaving in a few.  Then, back to the gym for me!  I’m actually looking forward to it.  3 weeks off is way too long.  2 months before that of half-assing it is even longer.  Time to sweat.   

I’ve got loads and loads….and loads…of vacation pictures to go through.  I fully intend to get them all in one place and then making a post about it and pretending like I have a bunch of people in my living room being forced to go through the slideshow all the while wishing they could at least be drinking through the explanation of each picture they couldn’t care less about but they have a horrible host who refused to serve them anything until the presentation is over so their suffering only grows with each slide.  I’ve always wanted to be that person at least once.  Not really, but it makes me laugh thinking about it.  But, I won’t do any of that today.  Today is sweat, lunch date day (YAY!), errand doing if there’s time, and then school’s out.  And, I don’t actually have all the pictures in one place (ALAN! :p) yet. 

I love this article.  You should read it.