13 years (yesterday)

One of my fb friends has started a cupcake/flower business.  A few days ago she posted a recipe for cupcakes.  Peanut butter?  Chocolate?  Uh, yes please!  Here’s the fb post:


I highly suggest making these if you are at all partial to cupcakes.  Or peanut butter.  Or chocolate.  Or yummy bites of heaven in your mouth.  I made mine wheat free, but definitely not sugar or dairy free.  A few other tweaks here and there (naturally), but nothing so major that it changes anything….well, I assume.  Bottom line, they’re damn good. 


Mine don’t look near as professional as hers do, but then, I’m just making mine to shove in my family’s face, not to sell 🙂  A thing to note, the recipe makes 24 cupcakes.  If I had realized that, I probably would have cut the recipe in half.  Since I had so many, I decided Alan needed to take some to work.  Why, oh WHY do I try to make any kind of decision before I’ve had any coffee??  Transfer cupcakes to pan?  No problem.  Lid only has one locking side?  Sure, it’s fine.  Test to make sure everything holds because a broken lid on a pan holding 12 cupcakes could go badly?  Yup!  Ugh.  Needless to say, Alan didn’t take any cupcakes to work today. 

I’ve now been married 13 years.  That’s a little weird.  And pretty cool. 

Stupid Easter candy on sale…

The Reddit rabbit hole struck me this morning and I got sucked into listening to Dolly Parton.  Now, I don’t do country music.  At all.  But there’s always been a special place in my music tastes for Dolly.  I mean, it’s Dolly!


That being said, I have a huge problem with the message of that song, catchy as it is.  Now, if I could hear Dolly sing Loretta’s song, that would be greatness!


Oh, look!  There’s Colin!



Color Run pics

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Here’s some pictures from the color run Saturday.  I tell ya, if Colin is in a picture, be very assured that it’s a carefully crafted pose.  No matter the stance he’s in.  He’s definitely in a “ham it up!” phase.  So funny! It’s the middle of April.  April!!  Naturally that would mean we’re under a […]

Chocolate cupcakes. And kids.

I made these cupcakes and they’re stupid delicious and I’m upset that I can’t shove them all in my face right now instead of being nice and waiting for other family members to come home so I can share them.  Hrmph. 

My children are getting older.  And losing teeth.  Oliver seriously looks like “Bubba Hillbilly” right now.  Once those top two teeth come back in, his face will really start changing.  It’s already lost a lot of the kidness in it, but then?  Oy.  Of course, it’s all about me, so the older they get, just means the older I get.  I’ll say it again.  OY!

It’s April 1st which means you pretty much can’t trust anything anyone says today.  Except me.  I never really learned the art of pulling genuinely funny pranks.  Or, any funny joke at all. 

Soccer is in full swing which means are weeks are full and days fly by and I turn around and realize that I don’t really feel like I’ve done anything noteworthy.  But, the boys had their yearly checkups and they’re both “perfect” (the official medical diagnosis), so we’ve got that going for us. 

There really isn’t much point to this except I wanted to brag about the cupcakes.  That I didn’t create and altered the recipe so mine are slightly different than what’s written.  I still want to eat them all.