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For my birthday, I got a lovely bottle of tequila.  In case any single person hasn’t already learned this lesson (and in my case, repeatedly learned this lesson over the years, why do I ignore it??), tequila is the devil.  The eeeeevil evil devil.  But, it was so good. 

Yesterday we got to go out with our friends, Bob & Heather, to the shooting range.  We’ve been talking about guns for a while and going out to a range for almost as long.  We finally nailed down a day to go and it was a lot of fun.  I’ve been around and shot guns before, but it’s been well over 15 years.  It was definitely evident as I was more nervous than I thought I’d be.  After a while, I got “comfortable” with the pink gun (yes, Heather has a pink gun and it’s awesome). 


One of the guns Bob had that I took one shot and immediately set it down.  Alan didn’t seem bothered by it at all.


We started out with regular target sheets (watch out anyone walking away from me!!)…



….and then moved on to zombies.  Kill shot!





Here’s Heather getting her badass on.


I had a picture of Bob shooting “The Judge” but it seems to have gotten lost in the technology ether.  Which makes me sad.   So here’s me with it.  For whatever reason, I kept leaning my stomach against the bench.  That makes for some awesome pictures. 

20130508_134827 20130508_134837


And because the universe didn’t think yesterday was awesome enough, today Alan officially got the offer for the job we’ve been waiting on.  Yay employment!!  He’s really excited about this position since it’s no longer in the management role.  Hopefully, it will be more hands on like it was “advertised.”  Another plus, it was originally supposed to be a contract to hire, but they’ve changed it to immediate hire.  Yay insurance!!  So much relief.  The bills from the boys’ surgeries are piling up and it will be nice to get those off our plate.  And to, you know, be able to feed them next month 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Fun….and stuff….

  1. Heather says:

    Hello my friend! Had a blast with you guys! Thank you sooo much for joining us. Love the pics!

  2. Bob says:

    It was a blast and you did great. So glad you had fun. Just fyi, the big boy you are talking about is not the Judge. the Judge was the fat short black one. Alan shot it once and I did once. But the one you are talking about is my favorite!

  3. stmears says:

    I knew there was something specific about it 🙂

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