I have a blog.

I have this thing.  Mostly I ignore it, much to the chagrin of people who were excited that I started it.  I’ll take pictures of the boys, or think of something witty (or sometimes actually intellectual) and think I’ll post it here.  Then I don’t.  I rule. 

That’s a lot of “I”. 

There’s a girl (woman, lady, whatever) that blogs and I occasionally read it.  Sometimes I think she’s strong to write it all down and put it out there.  Other times, I want to say “get over it!  Move on!”, then immediately chide myself because that response is made mostly out of jealousy at not feeling like I can be as free with myself.  Of course, the immediate response to *that* is wondering who the hell bloody cares about my intellectual thoughts!!  🙂  Ah, the inner workings of my brain. 

I have pictures of the boys and fireworks and the zoo and new tattoos (well, just one), but I’m too lazy to wait on them to upload.  Maybe I’ll do it another day.  Or, maybe I’ll just keep all those pictures to myself.   

We’re going to a wedding in Seattle in just over a month.  Somehow, I have to re-find my fat melting motivation.  That shit is so gone.  Not even just hiding under the couch kind of gone.  Like, “bitch packed her bags and moved the hell out” kind of gone.  But, I won’t lie.  The donuts have been soooo good.  Now, I have to gravel and beg and plead to get her to come back and give me another chance.  I gots a dress to buy!  Shopping blows. 

I haven’t even made any good recipes lately.  I have chicken legs in the oven, but not fancy ones.  Just bakin’ in beer.  Wish they’d hurry up, I’m hungry….and bored….


2 thoughts on “I have a blog.

  1. Beth says:

    Well JEEZ… I was hoping for something witty and deep! (picture me smirking and eye-rolling.) And the best advice I can give you, from someone who lives with someone who listens entirely too much to the voices in the brain… DON’T listen to them!!!! Listen to me… you rock. Plain and simple. There is no measure that you have to drag yourself kicking and screaming to stand beside that tells you: you did just enough to put your inner most thoughts out there, or, WAAAAAY too much info, or, WE WANT MORE. Be you. Because you rock. And those voices, teach them the whole Pack your Bags and GO schtick. You rock. Just look at your boys, tickle them, and tell yourself you ROCK! Oh, and have a donut hole and not the ring around the hole! Can’t wait to see you in your sparkly new dress in Seattle!

  2. Heather Parr says:

    I love your witty thoughts and humor. I love reading all that you decide to put out there. You have amazing boys and a fabulous husband! You Rock! Love you guys!

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