Let go!!

Every time there’s someone beside me on the treadmill and they’re holding on with both hands, I want to scream that at them.

I had a physical yesterday and part of that was getting blood drawn.  For whatever reason the thought of getting poked with a needle will break me out into a full body sweat.  Getting a tattoo, not so much.  So, the nurse had me lay down and went through her spiel of telling me not to be scared and then looked down at my arm and said “What are you even worried for??  You’ve got huge veins, I could do this in my sleep!”  To which I politely asked her not to.  Then she said “You’re lucky.  You’re skinny and usually you skinny girls have skinny veins and it’s hard to get them.” 

The whole point of that story was: someone called me skinny!  (AND! while I’m in a very not skinny phase, you know, due to the whole donut phase…) I’ve had numerous comments on my weight loss, but I can’t remember one where the person flat out said skinny (it’s possible it’s happened).  Thankfully, she said that right before poking me with a giant needle and then draining me of most of my blood so I was slightly distracted. 

I made these the other day.  The batter was super thick so I thought they would be better to make into cookies.  Downside to that was, cookies need sweetness.  Yes, they have chocolate chips, but…  Now, I warm them up for a few seconds in the microwave and then drown them in honey.  While not great on taste, they do help with the late night snacking cravings.  And are full of protein!  Double win. 

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