Now that Oliver is in first grade, he gets actual number grades for his work.  This week, we got his first progress report.


That’s right, my kid’s got straight A’s.  Yes, it’s only been 3 weeks of school.  And yes, he’s only in first grade.  So!  He’s a genius!

This school year, Colin got moved up to the big kid class in his montessori.  He had a really rough time in his last class, so it’s been a relief to see him transition so well.  I think between him actually being challenged with work and them learning that he loves to be a helper, he’s enjoying school again and isn’t acting up nearly as bad. 

That’s all I got.  Bragging complete.

2 thoughts on “Bragging

  1. Beth says:

    Maybe I should start a blog, too… then I could repost your posts and add my brags on it! OF COURSE your kids are geniuses… their parents are pretty darn geniatic, so it just stands to reason… 1 genius plus 1 genius equals 2 geniuses!!!! Give the boys big hugs from Nana and Pa, and then look in the mirror and smile at yourself and take a buncha credit!

  2. Heather Parr says:

    This is only a reflection of Awesome Parenting! And…what Beth said above. You guys Rock! Congratulations Boys!

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