There was a ridiculous amount of amazingness that happened in my kitchen today. 


Wheat free chocolate chip cookies.  Good ones!  I found this blog post on how to make your own all purpose flour to sub into any recipe 1:1.  That right there was a win for me.  Then, I tried one of the combos in my go-to pancake recipe.  Oliver declared them better than his “normal” pancakes.  Which is big because if you tell that kid something doesn’t have bread (what we call wheat around here) in it, he automatically doesn’t like it.  So, I got to thinking about what else I could try it in. 

Colin has been a real trooper with giving up wheat.  I’ve made several things here and there to try to keep him “in bread”, but things have still been sorely lacking.  There’s been a bag of chocolate chips sitting on my counter staring at me for a few weeks, so I figured I’d give the cookie recipe a shot.  I’d love to lie and say it was for Colin that I was doing this, but, come on….it’s chocolate chip cookies.  This one was totally for me!  

I was super tired this morning after dropping the kids off at school so figured surely I could use my food processor to whip up the dough.  In looking for the proper way to do that (yes, I was looking that up), I stumbled across this recipe.  I’ve never had Doubletree Hotel cookies.  Didn’t even know that was such a thing.  Apparently, it is and it’s got a cult following.  If people are spending 9$ on 6 cookies, they gotta be good.  Which meant I obviously had to make that recipe.  So, I did.  Using my wheat free all purpose flour.  And, they were amazing.  Once again, Oliver declared them better than the “real cookies” and he’ll “save Daddy six cookies, take some to Gramme since they don’t have wheat, and Colin and I will eat the rest.”  There may be a cookie showdown later tonight…     

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