I had visions…

I had visions of being the ultimate badass chick and changing my own car battery.  Yup, ended up holding the flashlight.  Ah well, seems an appropriate way to end the month. 

Oh, October.  What a month it’s been.  Can’t say I’m terribly sad to see it go.  November can only be better, right?  That’s what I’m going for.  We did get the Halloween decorations up and Alan managed to carve one pumpkin.  The Arboretum was visited (unlimited mimosas!!), eating in a storm was done, and entirely too much money was spent on things we may or may not technically “need”.  But, trick or treating will be done tonight, so there’s that. 

I’ve been super slack about cooking.  This week I decided to get back on that and have made two really awesome meals, if I do say so myself.  And I do.  The first one was paleo meatballs in tomato sauce stuff (that’s a link, click it).  I was a little concerned about the amount of garlic, but Alan said it was just fine.  While that wasn’t my favorite meal, it’s definitely something that I can add into rotation.  Yesterday I made paleo pork roast (another link -yes, Liz, I’m pointing them out for you, click them!), garlic mashed sweet potatoes (yup, click it), and blackberry cobbler (you know you wanna).  At first, all the different smells of the pork roast kept messing with my smeller.  After a few hours, however, it smelled amazing.  Seriously, so much awesome-smell was happening in my house yesterday.  The sweet potatoes, I was a little concerned about.  I’ve only ever had them plain or doctored with butter and brown sugar.  But, these, oh man.  I’m making more of those tonight to go with another new recipe: sausage spaghetti squash bake (surely I don’t have to keep telling you…)  I’ve never bought a spaghetti squash until yesterday.  Hopefully, I don’t ruin it.  I’m kind of excited about this one and hope it comes out as good as it sounds.  The blackberry cobbler was…blackberry cobbler, I guess.  I’m not a huge fan of blackberries to begin with and the crumble part needed a sweetness to it.  Since it wasn’t baked in, we improvised and dumped ice cream all over it. 

Now, I’m going to go drink coffee and contemplate whether it’s really a good idea to start drinking beer at 10.45 in the morning so I can make room in my fridge for more…


4 thoughts on “I had visions…

  1. Kelly Seaton says:

    Thanks for linking up to our meatballs! Yes we’re big fans of garlic but you could definitely lessen it for next time. And you won’t regret PaleOMG’s spaghetti squash bake it’s delish!

  2. Beth says:

    I clicked on all the links… all of those recipes look so GOOD! Be careful… you may become the Chef du Christmas…

    • stmears says:

      You’ll notice there’s a trend of crockpot use 🙂 The meatballs and pork roast both, I think, would definitely be good, filling, easy meals to do. We did the meatballs over rice. Super hearty. And the meatballs can be made out of any ground meat to meet all the different eaters’ needs. 🙂

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