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The latter half of April through early to mid May is always a fun time.  I have an anniversary, birthday, and Mother’s Day all together.  It’s kind of like an early holiday season.  But, then it’s over and the world no longer revolves around me.  Until the latter part of June when we have another anniversary.  Then it’s fun for a weekend again. 

This year, Alan took me to Scarborough Faire for my birthday.  Thankfully, my mom watched the kids so we could just hang out and do what we wanted to do.  SF has really (REALLY) commercialized over the years, but they’ve added in actual bathrooms, so I can’t complain too much.  It’s also largely nostalgic for me.  And you get to see people in some weird-ass costumes.  Literally.  Their asses look strange. 

For Mother’s Day we took my mom to the Mother’s Day brunch at the Dallas Arboretum.  Which is really what I wanted to do so it’s handy that she likes that place so much.  It was warm, but breezy, and the super-sized plastic cup of champagne the bartender guy gave me was a fun bonus. 

Next, I get to plan our wine-tour-weekend-getaway down in Hill Country for our other anniversary.  There’s a party bus company that does all the driving and planning while the guests do all the drinking.  Uh, yes please!! 

Today’s agenda will be going to the doctor.  I’ve either got a sinus/ear infection that I can’t get rid of, or some weird third world disease that has taken up residence in my jaw.  Third world disease definitely seems like the more logical choice. 

Both boys are in soccer.  Which, is YAY! until their games are at the same time.  In different places.  Then it’s boo.  But, YAY!, they both made it to the playoffs!  With games on the same days AND times.  Definitely boo!  Oliver’s team has been a team for several seasons, now.  They’ve really learned how to play as a team and it’s so freaking fun to watch.  They absolutely drive us parents crazy when they aren’t playing their hardest (like at the 8.30am games) but when they switch “on”, it’s beautiful.  It also helps that we have a great group of parents.  (AKA: The Most Obnoxious Team Parents)  Colin’s team…well…it’s his first season.  The good part is he made it to the playoffs his first year playing, too (since Oliver’s did).  But, we’re still struggling with the whole team participation mentality.  And the parents…well, again, it’s the first season we’ve been with this group, so that may change.  We’ve talked about having him do one more season now that he has an actual grasp of what soccer entails.  After that, he may be moving on to…other things….of some team nature.  But, for tonight, we’ll cheer them both on at their respective games and hope they win. 

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