Here’s a whole lotta pictures.

Last Friday, Oliver graduated kindergarten.  That freaks me out a little.  Not a whole lot, but mostly because I refuse to think about it too much. 


This was walking into his last day of class.  It’s a little blurry because, well, we were walking.  Colin noticed the camera…


I finally got him to be still long enough to get a good shot. 


And then, Colin noticed the camera….


Here are the ceremony pics.  I’d write something about each one, but eh…I’m lazy.  The one where he’s excitedly waving is when he spotted Gramme.  The one with the blurry Gramme, yup, Colin again. 


Mom took the kids after lunch so Alan and I had date day.  Which had some Macy’s shopping in there.  They had a food processor on sale that I have borderline rabidly been wanting.  So, I got it.  I love it.  I’ve only used it once.  But!  I do plan on using it quite a lot.  For real.  They made the donuts so much easier to make, and with better batter consistency. 

I did end up making this recipe.  Naturally, I changed a few things (not as much honey, coconut oil instead of butter in the batter, coconut milk instead of almond milk.  For the streusel, I used butter, brown sugar, honey and coconut flour.), but the consensus was it was a really good cake.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I actually liked it so I just kept eating.  After a substantial portion of a corner, I came to the conclusion that it was pretty damned tasty.  I had to walk away.  The other conclusion I came to is I need much better almond flour.  I’ve remedied that situation today by ordering some blanched.  Hopefully, it’s as good as the recommendations say it is. 

On Monday Oliver made his very first batch of pancakes.  This is him tasting them.


They tasted really good and he was quite pleased with himself.  To the point where all he could talk about yesterday was how he was going to make pancakes and sell them in the Walgreens parking lot. 

And since I don’t have enough pictures or spontaneous purchases, here are some of the new dog we got yesterday from the SPCA.  I really wanted a playmate for the dog we already have, but so far, she’s good with sitting on one of us and/or sleeping.  Best part, I have yet to hear her make any noise except for snoring or whining because she wanted out of her crate. 


She woke me up way too early this morning for this.


After we dropped Colin off at school, we ran to Wal-Mart and I picked her up a bed of her own.  She didn’t get to keep it long.


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