I win! And, I lose.

It took me a year, but I finally -FINALLY- can deadlift over my bodyweight!  Not only do I get to use the big girl plates, but I’m adding to them.  That probably makes me happier than it should.  I don’t have a lot of goals with my workouts.  I actually can’t think of any goal that I have been striving for other than that.  And I did it!!

This past Saturday, Oliver participated in a soccer tournament that was not part of his regular season.  It started ridiculously early.  Who in the world wants to start a soccer game at 8am??  Oh.  The soccer people.  Ugh.  But, he had fun.  Tied the first game, lost the second game and won the final game.  Every player got a trophy since they technically weren’t supposed to be keeping score; it’s all for fun, you know.  The day actually didn’t go so bad until…..Until….my beloved 4 year old.  Oh, my dear, dear boy.  I suppose in the end it’s my fault.  Isn’t it always the mother’s fault in the end?  He was wore out and way cranky so I held him and made him shut his eyes.  After a few minutes I asked him if he needed to potty.  He assured me the answer was no.  Repeatedly.  Once he realized I was serious about keeping his eyes shut and being still, he suddenly needed to potty.  Naturally, I said no.  Repeatedly.  So, he peed on me.  Right on my lap.  The best part of that was his response.  “I told you I needed to potty.”  I was torn between beating him and praising him for his caustic tongue.  Pretty sure I chose the smart route and kept my mouth shut.   I ended up missing all but the last minute of the final game since I had to go home and change.  Motherhood, so glamorous.  That moment was a definite lose.

I haven’t been making many fun new recipes lately.  There is a coffee cake that I’m wanting to try, maybe later this evening. 

One thought on “I win! And, I lose.

  1. Beth says:

    Stacey, you make me laugh! Colin sure is a pistol…

    Congrats on lifting yourself!

    Congrats to Oliver on his soccer trophy.

    Congrats to EVERYONE for the hell of it!

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