Colin’s Pre-k Graduation

Colin graduated Pre-K last Thursday.  I’m one of those people that thinks there are way too many graduations these days.  But, this time it’s my kid so I get to be proud and not *quite* as annoyed 🙂  For his last day of the regular school year, this was the outfit he chose.  Hey, it’s a Witten jersey, who am I to complain? 20140603_081939

It was finally time to get ready and he couldn’t get the cap and gown on fast enough!


As soon as that picture was done, he ran into our room to look in the mirror.  Naturally, Oliver was right on his heels and aggravating him within seconds.  You’ll notice Colin’s face?  It’s like they’re siblings or something.  It never stops! 


He’s so cute!


Obligatory family photo.  Because, we rarely do it.  So, here parents!!  🙂


And now for all the songs they performed at the ceremony. 





Colin’s obvious favorite:


And finally, Colin receiving his diploma:


One thought on “Colin’s Pre-k Graduation

  1. Beth says:

    Thank you so much for this! It’s like we were there, only we didn’t have to be! Hahahaha! Colin certainly likes Deep In the Heart of Texas… yippee yo kiiay!

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