Now that Oliver is in first grade, he gets actual number grades for his work.  This week, we got his first progress report.


That’s right, my kid’s got straight A’s.  Yes, it’s only been 3 weeks of school.  And yes, he’s only in first grade.  So!  He’s a genius!

This school year, Colin got moved up to the big kid class in his montessori.  He had a really rough time in his last class, so it’s been a relief to see him transition so well.  I think between him actually being challenged with work and them learning that he loves to be a helper, he’s enjoying school again and isn’t acting up nearly as bad. 

That’s all I got.  Bragging complete.

Yes, we have a new pet.

Meet Lola. 


Oliver kept trying (and succeeding) to photobomb her picture, so I left it to look like she’s attacking him.  It made me laugh.  The boys LOVE her.  Every time they go out the front they have to go check on her.  Then, they look for bugs to throw in her web and then watch her wrap and eat said bugs.  

I learned that she eats her web every night and then rebuilds it in the morning.  While I read that on the internet, I did make it out early enough one morning to watch her rebuilding, so I believe that part of the internet is true.  The sad part is, it said that she’ll probably die around the time frost starts, so she won’t be out there for too long.  But, she’s already grown twice her original size (to us), so hopefully she’ll just keep getting bigger.  


Yes, I’m horrible about updating this thing.  We’ve had quite a few things that I had imagined I’d update it with, but obviously haven’t.  So, I’m done saying I’m going to try to be good about updating it.  We’ll see how far that gets me.