Plants and Eyebrows

Our yard.  It’s a humorous disaster.  Alan worked hard to get those horrid bushes out with the full intention of us working on making an actual front bed.  Then, we found out we have to get our roof replaced (AGAIN!), so we’re waiting until that’s done since it’ll all get trampled anyway.  One day we walked out and found a new plant growing.  It was no weed we’d ever came across before and we were kinda stumped (plant pun!).  3

Alan looked on the other side of our stairs and saw this:


After sitting there scratching our heads for a few minutes, Alan pops out with “I bet they’re pumpkin plants!”  Naturally, I ran off to the internets for answers.  Sure enough, pumpkins!  We’re all sitting there laughing when Oliver pops out with “Look over here!”


There’s a whole freaking crop of pumpkins around the corner.  See, the funny part is, for the last few years, we’ve so classily (totally made up word) shoved our rotting Halloween pumpkins into the front flower beds.  We pushed them behind the holly bushes, so it wasn’t TOO trashy.  But, into the flower beds, nonetheless.  Year after year they went in.  For whatever reason, this year they decided to grow.  And grow.  And new ones are still popping up. 

In the same order as the pictures above, this is what they look like today, two weeks later.


And in keeping with the plant theme, Alan bought me a rose bush a few years ago for Mother’s Day instead of a bouquet of flowers.  You can see it in the top right corner of the last picture.  This year for Mother’s Day, he got me a hibiscus plant.  This morning, the first bloom was open!


That flower is seriously huge.  I love it!!  To the right of it, you can also see my one remaining okra plant.  Some horrid dog, that shall remain nameless, pulled out my other two okra plants and ate them (and chewed on one of my tomatoes, and ate off an entire stem of the hibiscus!).  So, my patio vegetable garden is now a porch vegetable garden.

Now starts the eyebrow debacle. 

Last Friday I went in for a hair trim.  While I was waiting, I noticed my hair person was waxing someone’s eyebrows.  Having never had that done, I talked to her about it and decided when my cut was done, I’d try it out.  The first clue that something went amiss should have been when she put the “cooling aloe” on and it burned.  Bad.  That threw her since aloe is supposed to be soothing.  Nope.  As the day went on, the burning never eased up.  I felt like I had covered my entire face and just left my eyelids in the sun for hours.  The next day, the redness finally went away, but a lovely burn mark was left on one of my lids.  Now, on the 4th day, both my eyelids are peeling.  It looks so awesome.  What I’ve taken away from this experience is that my eyelids didn’t look that bad to begin with and waxing them is stupid.  I think it’s a safe bet to say never again will I succumb to that torture technique. 

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