Brag time!

This morning was the 1st grade awards ceremony for the year.  And being the most with-it and awesome mom that I am, I totally forgot about it.  Thankfully, I had friends there that acted as my proxy and took pictures.  Especially since my boy won “Mr. Manners!”  Yay!  All that beating paid off!!  🙂  You’ll notice that not only did he get my exquisite perfect manners, he’s also inherited my love of personal space invasion.  



After getting Colin to school, I made it in time for the last Huddle of the school year.  Where my just awared Mr. Manners was very quickly pulled out of line by the principal! 


He was pretty embarrassed, but I made sure to let him know that I didn’t care.  The other moms and I laughed about it.  It’s the end of the year, he’s already been through one presentation, and now he’s sitting in line for another during a time that’s not crucial to be super quiet or paying attention.  What.Ever.  Apparently, the principal didn’t share my same ambivalence. 

Once it got rolling, he got called for A honor roll AND perfect attendance for the whole year. 


Needless to say, we’re pretty damn proud of this kid.  He maxed out his first grade reading level well before the school year was half over, constantly got over 100 on his spelling tests, rarely came home with a grade under 90, and all the while keeping up with his two seasons of soccer, where they placed 2nd in the championships. 

Yup.  I’m a proud mom. 

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