The Conclusion of the Tale

“She received the drink, proclaimed “It is finished”, bowed her head and gave up the ghost.” 


After much cursing, drinking, and general hair pulling, The Red Wall of Death is done. 

At least, as done as I’m going to do it.  Minus some touch ups….to be done at a later date.  This really was one of the worst projects ever.  Ever.  There was lots of learning involved (thank you, Hilary!) that I’ll use for later painting.  Because there most definitely will be later painting since the other walls now look dingy.  Suggestions on color would not go unheeded.   

All that being said, there should be a huge honorable mention for Alan putting up with me this weekend.  He definitely picked up household slack, kept the kids out from under my feet, and did his best to ignore my general bitchiness, but kindly called me out on it when it was over-the-top so I could apologize.  I know I wasn’t the most pleasant of people to be around the last couple of days and he handled it like a trooper.  (Although, I’m pretty sure the thought of going back to work today was looking pretty good to him 🙂 )   So, thank you, Alan!! 

Now, on to one of the other 18 projects I’ve got on my list…

One thought on “The Conclusion of the Tale

  1. Alan says:

    Thanks for the honorable mention… 🙂

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