Brag time!

This morning was the 1st grade awards ceremony for the year.  And being the most with-it and awesome mom that I am, I totally forgot about it.  Thankfully, I had friends there that acted as my proxy and took pictures.  Especially since my boy won “Mr. Manners!”  Yay!  All that beating paid off!!  🙂  You’ll notice that not only did he get my exquisite perfect manners, he’s also inherited my love of personal space invasion.  



After getting Colin to school, I made it in time for the last Huddle of the school year.  Where my just awared Mr. Manners was very quickly pulled out of line by the principal! 


He was pretty embarrassed, but I made sure to let him know that I didn’t care.  The other moms and I laughed about it.  It’s the end of the year, he’s already been through one presentation, and now he’s sitting in line for another during a time that’s not crucial to be super quiet or paying attention.  What.Ever.  Apparently, the principal didn’t share my same ambivalence. 

Once it got rolling, he got called for A honor roll AND perfect attendance for the whole year. 


Needless to say, we’re pretty damn proud of this kid.  He maxed out his first grade reading level well before the school year was half over, constantly got over 100 on his spelling tests, rarely came home with a grade under 90, and all the while keeping up with his two seasons of soccer, where they placed 2nd in the championships. 

Yup.  I’m a proud mom. 

Chocolate cupcakes. And kids.

I made these cupcakes and they’re stupid delicious and I’m upset that I can’t shove them all in my face right now instead of being nice and waiting for other family members to come home so I can share them.  Hrmph. 

My children are getting older.  And losing teeth.  Oliver seriously looks like “Bubba Hillbilly” right now.  Once those top two teeth come back in, his face will really start changing.  It’s already lost a lot of the kidness in it, but then?  Oy.  Of course, it’s all about me, so the older they get, just means the older I get.  I’ll say it again.  OY!

It’s April 1st which means you pretty much can’t trust anything anyone says today.  Except me.  I never really learned the art of pulling genuinely funny pranks.  Or, any funny joke at all. 

Soccer is in full swing which means are weeks are full and days fly by and I turn around and realize that I don’t really feel like I’ve done anything noteworthy.  But, the boys had their yearly checkups and they’re both “perfect” (the official medical diagnosis), so we’ve got that going for us. 

There really isn’t much point to this except I wanted to brag about the cupcakes.  That I didn’t create and altered the recipe so mine are slightly different than what’s written.  I still want to eat them all. 

I love tacos.

Seriously.  I could shove my face full of tacos every day and still be happy.  Nom nom nom!  I’m not eating tacos now, though. Now I’m eating leftover this recipe.  It’s seriously delicious.  Yay after workout snack! 

Workouts.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done 3 day splits with sprints after, so I decided to get back on that.  Let me just say: OOOWWWWWWW!!!!  Ridiculously ow.  And slightly humiliating when your shoulders give you the ole “F You!!  You worked us to failure and NOW you want to try to do push-ups?!  Here!  We’ll show you!” and drop me on my face.  At the gym.  That’s awesome.  Thanks, shoulders!  But, I’ve seen the pay off, so whatever.  I’m sure they’ll get over it. 

I’m going to stop talking about my shoulders as if they’re sentient beings now.  That was a little weird. 

The vacation pictures still aren’t done.  And I can’t even blame Alan this time.  I have all the pictures, just have to go through them and put them in order and make an actual thing.  Vacation slides!!  Man, I wish.  One day. 

Here’s other pictures, though.  Last Sunday we met up with friends at the gun range.  It was the boys first time and they REALLY enjoyed it.





From there, we went to the Stars game that Mom got us for Christmas.  They lost, but it was still a fun game.  Even if Colin started asking in the first period if it was over….again….


No, that’s not Oliver’s beer.  At least, not that we’ll ever tell…

Back to it.

Here’s a little gem nugget for you…I’m in my room yesterday, turn around, and Colin is standing in the doorway.

“Can we eat clams?”


“Can we eat clams?”

“Who?  You?  People in general?”

“No!  Can WE eat clams?!” *he’s now starting to look at me like I’m a little slow in the head*

“Right now??”

“NO!!  Can we EAT them?!”

“Technically yes.  Some people do.”

“EWWWW, but they’re seafood!”

“Yes.  Some people like them.  Daddy and I like them in clam chowder.”


“No, clam chowder is good.  It’s soup.”

At this point, he starts making gagging noises, slaps his hand over his mouth and runs away.  Then I hear “Oliver!!  Mommy and Daddy eat clam powder!!  Gross!!!”  Mmmmm, clam powder. 

Today is finally back to normal routine day.  After 18 days of the boys being out of school (not that I counted), I’m so ready.  One is already at his and the other is leaving in a few.  Then, back to the gym for me!  I’m actually looking forward to it.  3 weeks off is way too long.  2 months before that of half-assing it is even longer.  Time to sweat.   

I’ve got loads and loads….and loads…of vacation pictures to go through.  I fully intend to get them all in one place and then making a post about it and pretending like I have a bunch of people in my living room being forced to go through the slideshow all the while wishing they could at least be drinking through the explanation of each picture they couldn’t care less about but they have a horrible host who refused to serve them anything until the presentation is over so their suffering only grows with each slide.  I’ve always wanted to be that person at least once.  Not really, but it makes me laugh thinking about it.  But, I won’t do any of that today.  Today is sweat, lunch date day (YAY!), errand doing if there’s time, and then school’s out.  And, I don’t actually have all the pictures in one place (ALAN! :p) yet. 

I love this article.  You should read it. 


Screw November.

Seriously.  Just.  Screw it. 

Here’s some stupid cute pictures of the kids and one of our stupid elf (that I secretly love, but hate trying to come up with new ideas every night). 

Oliver's 1st Grade Pictures

Oliver’s 1st Grade Picture

Colin was home sick one day.  Took a pic of him sitting with his tablet, kleenex, and gatorade.  He saw the picture and had to pose.

Colin was home sick one day. Took a pic of him sitting with his tablet, kleenex, and gatorade. He saw the picture and had to pose.

The one picture I have of Beauregard so far this year.

The one picture I have of Beauregard so far this year.

We leave for Florida on Friday.  Guess who’s so unbelievably not ready.  No really.  Guess!!  Yeah, ok, it’s totally me.  At least I’ve got *some* presents bought.  Not stressed about that at all.  Nope.  Not me.  Totally not stressed about not having bought our tickets for Disney and Universal yet, either.  Sooooo not stressed about that.  Ha!  No stress here!!  *insert maniacal laughter here*

I had visions…

I had visions of being the ultimate badass chick and changing my own car battery.  Yup, ended up holding the flashlight.  Ah well, seems an appropriate way to end the month. 

Oh, October.  What a month it’s been.  Can’t say I’m terribly sad to see it go.  November can only be better, right?  That’s what I’m going for.  We did get the Halloween decorations up and Alan managed to carve one pumpkin.  The Arboretum was visited (unlimited mimosas!!), eating in a storm was done, and entirely too much money was spent on things we may or may not technically “need”.  But, trick or treating will be done tonight, so there’s that. 

I’ve been super slack about cooking.  This week I decided to get back on that and have made two really awesome meals, if I do say so myself.  And I do.  The first one was paleo meatballs in tomato sauce stuff (that’s a link, click it).  I was a little concerned about the amount of garlic, but Alan said it was just fine.  While that wasn’t my favorite meal, it’s definitely something that I can add into rotation.  Yesterday I made paleo pork roast (another link -yes, Liz, I’m pointing them out for you, click them!), garlic mashed sweet potatoes (yup, click it), and blackberry cobbler (you know you wanna).  At first, all the different smells of the pork roast kept messing with my smeller.  After a few hours, however, it smelled amazing.  Seriously, so much awesome-smell was happening in my house yesterday.  The sweet potatoes, I was a little concerned about.  I’ve only ever had them plain or doctored with butter and brown sugar.  But, these, oh man.  I’m making more of those tonight to go with another new recipe: sausage spaghetti squash bake (surely I don’t have to keep telling you…)  I’ve never bought a spaghetti squash until yesterday.  Hopefully, I don’t ruin it.  I’m kind of excited about this one and hope it comes out as good as it sounds.  The blackberry cobbler was…blackberry cobbler, I guess.  I’m not a huge fan of blackberries to begin with and the crumble part needed a sweetness to it.  Since it wasn’t baked in, we improvised and dumped ice cream all over it. 

Now, I’m going to go drink coffee and contemplate whether it’s really a good idea to start drinking beer at 10.45 in the morning so I can make room in my fridge for more…



There was a ridiculous amount of amazingness that happened in my kitchen today. 


Wheat free chocolate chip cookies.  Good ones!  I found this blog post on how to make your own all purpose flour to sub into any recipe 1:1.  That right there was a win for me.  Then, I tried one of the combos in my go-to pancake recipe.  Oliver declared them better than his “normal” pancakes.  Which is big because if you tell that kid something doesn’t have bread (what we call wheat around here) in it, he automatically doesn’t like it.  So, I got to thinking about what else I could try it in. 

Colin has been a real trooper with giving up wheat.  I’ve made several things here and there to try to keep him “in bread”, but things have still been sorely lacking.  There’s been a bag of chocolate chips sitting on my counter staring at me for a few weeks, so I figured I’d give the cookie recipe a shot.  I’d love to lie and say it was for Colin that I was doing this, but, come on….it’s chocolate chip cookies.  This one was totally for me!  

I was super tired this morning after dropping the kids off at school so figured surely I could use my food processor to whip up the dough.  In looking for the proper way to do that (yes, I was looking that up), I stumbled across this recipe.  I’ve never had Doubletree Hotel cookies.  Didn’t even know that was such a thing.  Apparently, it is and it’s got a cult following.  If people are spending 9$ on 6 cookies, they gotta be good.  Which meant I obviously had to make that recipe.  So, I did.  Using my wheat free all purpose flour.  And, they were amazing.  Once again, Oliver declared them better than the “real cookies” and he’ll “save Daddy six cookies, take some to Gramme since they don’t have wheat, and Colin and I will eat the rest.”  There may be a cookie showdown later tonight…     


Now that Oliver is in first grade, he gets actual number grades for his work.  This week, we got his first progress report.


That’s right, my kid’s got straight A’s.  Yes, it’s only been 3 weeks of school.  And yes, he’s only in first grade.  So!  He’s a genius!

This school year, Colin got moved up to the big kid class in his montessori.  He had a really rough time in his last class, so it’s been a relief to see him transition so well.  I think between him actually being challenged with work and them learning that he loves to be a helper, he’s enjoying school again and isn’t acting up nearly as bad. 

That’s all I got.  Bragging complete.

Yes, we have a new pet.

Meet Lola. 


Oliver kept trying (and succeeding) to photobomb her picture, so I left it to look like she’s attacking him.  It made me laugh.  The boys LOVE her.  Every time they go out the front they have to go check on her.  Then, they look for bugs to throw in her web and then watch her wrap and eat said bugs.  

I learned that she eats her web every night and then rebuilds it in the morning.  While I read that on the internet, I did make it out early enough one morning to watch her rebuilding, so I believe that part of the internet is true.  The sad part is, it said that she’ll probably die around the time frost starts, so she won’t be out there for too long.  But, she’s already grown twice her original size (to us), so hopefully she’ll just keep getting bigger.  


Yes, I’m horrible about updating this thing.  We’ve had quite a few things that I had imagined I’d update it with, but obviously haven’t.  So, I’m done saying I’m going to try to be good about updating it.  We’ll see how far that gets me.