Yes, we have a new pet.

Meet Lola. 


Oliver kept trying (and succeeding) to photobomb her picture, so I left it to look like she’s attacking him.  It made me laugh.  The boys LOVE her.  Every time they go out the front they have to go check on her.  Then, they look for bugs to throw in her web and then watch her wrap and eat said bugs.  

I learned that she eats her web every night and then rebuilds it in the morning.  While I read that on the internet, I did make it out early enough one morning to watch her rebuilding, so I believe that part of the internet is true.  The sad part is, it said that she’ll probably die around the time frost starts, so she won’t be out there for too long.  But, she’s already grown twice her original size (to us), so hopefully she’ll just keep getting bigger.  


Yes, I’m horrible about updating this thing.  We’ve had quite a few things that I had imagined I’d update it with, but obviously haven’t.  So, I’m done saying I’m going to try to be good about updating it.  We’ll see how far that gets me.   

5 thoughts on “Yes, we have a new pet.

  1. Beth says:

    I read the title of your new post and thought” Stacey, you have to stay AWAY from the pound….” Needless to say I totally freaked when I saw the spider… Lola is lovely, but really not my favorite creature in the world. We had a honking arachnid like Lola at our house in White Oak. She had her web just outside our living room window, and I watched her catch a large, and I do mean Texas large, grasshopper one day. Wrapped that sucker up like a salami and then… well, you know the rest. She also caught a small frog. It was a sad day when she was no longer there. I went outside and found her body right under her web… but all life was gone. Apart from the three balloon shaped egg sacs that she left here and there… look for one or two of those soon. Tell Ollie that his photobombing really freaked out Nana. Great post!

    • stmears says:

      We tried to feed her a giant grasshopper, but she was too small and it freaked her out so she ran away from it. She’s in the holly bushes outside our bedroom, and they are FULL of grasshoppers. Hopefully, she’ll spider up a bit and get busy to eatin’!

  2. Liz Lawson says:

    Haha your posts crack me up! But I may have to rethink my plans to visit anytime soon…..:-S

  3. Beth says:

    A BIG spider, but a spider all the same. And outside. They don’t come in…. unless someone brings them in. Don’t bring them in. Otherwise I won’t visit either….

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