Color Run pics

Here’s some pictures from the color run Saturday.  I tell ya, if Colin is in a picture, be very assured that it’s a carefully crafted pose.  No matter the stance he’s in.  He’s definitely in a “ham it up!” phase.  So funny!

It’s the middle of April.  April!!  Naturally that would mean we’re under a freeze warning for tonight.  Although, is it really a coincidence that we’re getting a freeze warning on the eve of tax day?  (taxes…hell…freezing over…ok yeah, that was a stretch) 

Speaking of taxes, I just did mine a few hours ago.  I’m not usually one for the procrastination (those of you who really know me, stop laughing, I mean of taxes!), but this year I guess I decided to be a rebel.  Oooooo!  You know, if rebel means still filing them before it’s too late…

I think maybe I should find more fun 5ks. 

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