Field day.

Oliver had Field Day at school on Friday.  He was so excited for weeks leading up to it.  I’m not sure it’s exactly what he expected, but he had fun doing it.  Talk about very carefully controlled mass chaos.

Relay race where no team won, they just ran until the time was up.

Three legged race with his best friend from class.  This was more like a three legged walk where the bigger kid dragged the smaller one.

Jump rope…sort of…although, we’re not really sure where he learned how to do it. 




2 thoughts on “Field day.

  1. Beth says:

    Controlled mass chaos… I love it! Oliver seems to be up to whatever comes down the pike! I love the jump rope….

  2. stmears says:

    He was ready for it all. I think he was as excited about us hanging out at his school while he played as he was about doing the playing.

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