I fail at waffles.

Epically.  I was never great with them in the first place, but throw in funky ingredients and I’m a goner.  Twice I’ve tried and twice they went horribly wrong.  The first time, they tasted horrible.  Ugh.  Just, bad.  I looked around off and on for a different recipe and finally settled on one that I was excited about making (side note: it was one of the main reasons I was so excited about getting my food processor and it took me weeks to use it for the actual waffle recipe).  So, yesterday I decided I was going to give it another go.  The first one came out great.  Not the greatest of presentations, but it held together and tasted pretty darn good.  Then, I tried to make a second one.  Then a third.  Those, those did not turn out so well.  I don’t know what the crap happened, but it ended it mass failure.  At least I got to eat the one good one. 

Yesterday, I realized that I missed biscuits.  Granted, it was only after hearing someone telling me they had biscuits and gravy for breakfast that I realized it, but still, I realized!  So, off to the internet I went.  I found this one that looked easy enough so I made them this morning.


While they aren’t bad, and in fact are pretty decent, they lack any sweetness.  After a dab of butter and a dollop of honey, I think I may have found my biscuit replacement.  You know, come to think of it, they remind me of cornbread in the texture….random thought.  Now if I can figure out how to make gravy…

Other random thought, I take crappy food porn pics. 

4 thoughts on “I fail at waffles.

  1. Beth says:

    Yeah, well I thought the picture was of your waffle attempts… who is lame NOW???? I was thinking, dang, those really DID fail epically! The biscuits look nice… bring the recipe and tell me what to bring to Orlando for ingredients, and we’ll make some! I can make gravy… but we’ll need a non-wheat-flour thickener, right? We can do this….

  2. Beth says:

    and now I want biscuits.

  3. stmears says:

    The link will take you to the recipe I used, and that has the ingredients. It’s not a lot, just not normally things people have laying around the house. I did find a recipe for gravy that I’ll probably try for dinner. It uses coconut flour as the thickener.

    The main thing is getting around the fact that it’s not going to taste just like the wheat-based foods. But, if one (ME) can measure it by “good or not good” instead of “tasting like the other”, then I think it’s easier to transition over to almond and coconut flours instead of wheat.

    • Beth says:

      You are so right about the not comparing it to the other thing… that sets us up for immediate failure. I am looking forward to trying some of this new stuff… I don’t bake much at all anymore, so it will be fun to try something completely different!

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