Just another day (and a mini recipe)

I was so excited that my legs didn’t hurt after leg day yesterday….until I did uphill cardio today.  Yup, it hurts.  

Colin has good weeks and bad weeks at school.  This week seems to be a bad week.  And last week was soooo good.  *sigh*  Yesterday, we got a note in his folder about how bad his day was.  Not only did he get two time-outs, but he also smooshed a cocoon that everyone was watching for emergence.  The child has a knack for tattling on himself and he didn’t fail this time.  He kept talking about a caterpillar and butterfly, but it was in broken phrases so we couldn’t quite get it until we read the folder.  I tried to explain it to him in 4 yr old terms how it was wrong and sad, but I’m not sure that he quite got it.  Either way, if I start finding dead animals in my yard, that child is going on meds*!!

Oliver has been having headaches and “eye aches” for a couple of months.  Took him to the eye doctor today (sans insurance) and found out that his glasses are actually helping his eyesight, but he doesn’t need a new prescription so it’s not vision related.  So, back to watching and trying to figure out what’s going on.  Hoping it’s sinus/allergy related and we don’t need to go back to a doctor (sans insurance). 

Dinner tonight was portobello pizzas again.  This time, I needed to use the brussels sprouts that were on the verge of going bad.  I had used a recipe before that was pretty damned good and thought that I’d use it again.  The downside was I couldn’t get the balsamic vinegar open.  Neither could Alan.  If I couldn’t get the vinegar open, then naturally I didn’t need to use the chicken stock.  One without the other would just be ridiculous.  Plus, I was too lazy to cut onions.  What ended up sounding good was frying up 4 strips of bacon.  Once those were cooked through, take the strips out, but leave all the grease.  Put in the sprouts (trimmed and halved) and fry up until crispy.   Break up the 4 bacon strips to bacon bit size and throw in the pan and toss.  At the very end, sprinkle garlic salt on to taste.  It was pretty freaking awesome.  I can’t say that was the first time I’d “made up” a recipe, but it’s one of the few times I’d done something on the fly that ended up tasting amazing. 

I’m pretty sure I’m shooting guns tomorrow.  Hopefully that works out and I don’t die. 


*I’m totally kidding…unless I really find dead animals in my yard….

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