So much stuff.

This one might be a bit picture heavy.  I kept taking pictures with the intention of making a post about them and, well, obviously that didn’t happen. 

So, here we go.

Mother’s Day was a good one.  On Saturday, Oliver had his last regulation soccer game that was the  Seriously.  Even the kids were ready for it to be over.  It was a tie game so they went into a 4 minute sudden death.  Still tie.  Shoot out.  Still tie.  Another 4 minute sudden death.  Still tie.  (By this time, Oliver kept looking over at me mouthing “I WANT TO BE DONE!”)  Another shoot out and finally, an Arsenal made a goal and another Arsenal defended the last kick of the opposing team for the win.  So, off to the championship we go!

There’s Oliver way out in the field “defending.”  Aka, twirling, dancing, watching birds…but when that ball starts coming at him, he’s got the kick-it-downfield down pat!


After the game we decided it was a nice day for fishing.  In a “lake”.  With fish we can’t actually eat.  You know, FUN!  Alan got everything ready, even did a Walmart run for snacks and earthworms.  Grabbed our neighbor (literally.  Broke in, slapped the video game controller right out of his hand and yanked him out of the house.  Or not.) and off we headed.  Made it to the lake, picked our spot, cracked open some cans, pulled the poles out and….no worms.  Oh well.  They’re still sitting in their bucket waiting to be fish food. 


This picture pretty much sums up Colin’s personality.  When he does something, he goes all in.  Click the picture and get a good look at his face.


Oliver was all about digging in the holes on the bank.  He found a roly poly nest in this one and that was the best thing ever, for about 10 minutes. 


This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Colin.  He didn’t get a hook on his line, just a weight and a floating thing (that he obliterated against the rocks).  After he got tired of casting, he sat down on the rock.  I asked him if he was going to get anymore fish and he said “No, I’m just going to sit here and wait for the fish to get on.”  The best part, the shoreline is just on the other side of where the picture cuts off. 


For Mother’s Day proper, I did a whole lot of nothing and it was marvelous.  Well, I did crochet a lot.  And portions of my house got clean, that I didn’t have to clean.  Those two things mean way more to me than flowers.  Not that flowers are bad, but if I had my choice…


This is the current blanket I’m working on.  Looks wise, it’s up there with my favorites.  Execution wise, it’s a monster pain in the butt.  It’s a good thing it’s pretty. 

At some point I finally got around to making some paleo donuts.  I’ve been making (and eating) regular donuts for the boys so I decided I was going to break down and actually use the pan for what I originally intended.  I used this recipe.  The author said the recipe made 6 perfect donuts.  That didn’t happen for me.  At all.  The first 6 came out horribly wrong. 


They were doughy and flat and fell apart.  The upside is they still tasted awesome, so I ate them anyway.  After adding in about a tablespoon extra of coconut flour and cooking for 5 extra minutes, the next 6 did come out perfectly. 


Those got dunked in melted dark chocolate (no salt or coffee like the original recipe) and that made them taste that much better.  So, I got 12 donuts out of the recipe.  It was probably an error somewhere on my end, but they taste awesome and I’ll probably gear up to make them again when I can be sure that I won’t eat 8 in a sitting.  Because I’ll probably eat all 12. 

On Tuesday, Alan and I went for a bike ride for our cardio day.  Again, it was a gorgeous day and I just didn’t want to get on the treadmill.  We went all around our neighborhood and then ventured over into the north side.  I’ve only ever been over there once, but I had remembered that there was a cemetery there.  Yup, we got a cemetery right in the middle of our development.  I’m convinced this is where our ghost kid comes from. 

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