I believe they exist.  Couldn’t tell you what they actually are, as I can’t say that I believe in a god and therefore don’t believe in a devil.  Angels and demons, not so much.  But, something not of this plane?  Something’s there.  I’ve had experiences all my life, but the latest one was two days ago.  It was ambiguous enough that it absolutely could have been my hair, and I’m aware enough that’s a logical explanation.  However, I’ve seen enough in this house (example: the child standing in the boys’ bedroom when they were both with me) that even though I told myself it was probably my hair,  I promptly left to go to Walmart.  For the longest time, Alan would give me the look that he usually gave me when I recounted something strange that happened.  Then, it got him.  A few times.  Won’t lie, I relished that “I told you so!” moment.  Now, anytime I relay something strange he doesn’t give me “that” look; I get the knowing look.   

That’s all I got about that.   I’ll end with this picture Alan took in the St. Augustine Lighthouse.  It’s the same shot that the show Ghost Hunters filmed when they got a shadow figure peering over the edge.  Even with no ghosts, it’s a damn cool shot.  


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